Three forms of therapy – Physical, Occupational and Speech – are offered at The Sharon at SouthPark. While the focus of each differs, they share a common goal: To help residents live life to the fullest, even after a mishap or illness. And they all share a common strategy: To make therapy as lighthearted as possible.

“You want them to come to therapy and enjoy it,” says Elizabeth Byrd, vice president of health services.

Therapy is a physician-ordered service, typically reimbursable. Once a resident is prescribed a form of therapy, the therapist will do an initial screening. He or she will set a schedule of how many days a week, and how many weeks it will take to get the job done.

Then the “fun” begins.

Physical therapy might be prescribed after an “event” – a fall, stroke, pneumonia or cardiac incident. The goal is to help participants (let’s not call them “patients!”) reach the highest functioning level possible.

Occupational therapy helps participants master the art of daily living – getting out of bed, getting dressed, brushing your teeth and preparing a meal.

Speech therapy includes assessing cognition (mental abilities), muscle weakness (swallowing, for example) and other issues related to communication.

Our therapy gym welcomes Independent Living residents. A second therapy gym located in the Weisiger Health Center is for residents physically living in Assisted Living and Health Care.

In the broadest sense, the beauty of The Sharon at SouthPark can be seen (and heard!) when residents meet and surpass the challenges set forth by their therapist. There is work to be done. But there is also deep joy to be found in getting the most out of what life has given you.

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