Hicks Wellness Clinic

The services offered to Independent Living residents at the Hicks Wellness Clinic add up to a life-changing benefit:

Peace of mind.

The clinic is here when you have a health-related issue that needs attention. (In an emergency, of course, call 911). Our nurses, who are employed by The Sharon at SouthPark rather than an outside agency, act as first responders. They can take your blood pressure and other vitals. Initiate lab work. Check to see if you have the flu. Help you keep up with medications. Walk (and talk) you through whatever health-related issue might be on your mind. If further assistance is needed, they can make that determination. As Director of Independent Living Health & Home Care Services, June Parsons oversees the clinic.

Our Medical Director and a staff that includes a nurse practitioner, are able to see a limited number of residents established as patients.

There’s more.

Visiting physicians come to the clinic on a regular basis to offer services in dermatology, podiatry, psychiatry and psychology. A mental health counselor also is available.

Hicks Wellness Clinic, located on the lower level of the Weisiger Health Center, is open 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. seven days a week. Call 704-556-3227 whenever you need to.

Offering comfort in every way possible is The Sharon at SouthPark way. For residents, that means knowing there is a place to go on campus, steps from your front door when the need arises.

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