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by | Jun 30, 2022 | Blog, IT Services

Harrod Conine with resident

These days, more and more of our daily lives rely on technology that is connected to the web. It’s not just computers and phones – appliances, thermostats and even new cars have internet capabilities. Luckily, Jarrod Conine, The Sharon at SouthPark’ new IT assistant, is here to help.

“What I do varies from day to day,” Jarrod says. “With all the new construction, there’s a lot to do. I have to make sure to keep everyone up and running.”


Though he was born in Atlanta, Jarrod has been in Charlotte since 2014 after moving here with this family. After graduating from Jay M. Robinson High School, he studied at UNCC where he majored in computer science. As technology needs expanded at The Sharon at SouthPark, Director of IT Jody Williams found that he needed a knowledgeable helper to tackle the growing workload. Jarrod was able to contribute from the start and has been busy ever since.

“Jarrod is a huge asset to The Sharon at SouthPark’ IT department,” says Jody Williams, IT services director. “He brings a lot of knowledge that has helped me deal with issues that pertain to the company and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.”

Jarrod breaks the mold of the solitary techie who would rather spend his time alone with circuit boards and touch screens than with people. Though he relishes the challenges of technical aspect of his job, he also looks forward to the interactions with people. “I deal with the residents every single day,” he says. “And I always try to stop and talk to them. It’s one of my favorite parts about the job.”

The Future

As he looks forward to honing his skills, Jarrod is excited to learn more about The Sharon at SouthPark’ phone system. He says that’s been his biggest learning curve so far. However, figuring out how the phones integrate with other internet-based tech fascinates him.

In his free time, it’s no surprise that Jarrod enjoys video games. But he’s also a movie buff and enjoys listening to music and making mechanical keyboards. Even with all that technology to keep him busy, he always comes back to the enjoyment he gets from dealing with people.

“The biggest reward in my job is just being able to see the smile on the residents’ faces when I’m able to help them,” Jarrod adds. “Because I understand a lot of the emotions and frustrations they go through.”

It sounds like The Sharon at SouthPark’ residents have a new helper they can count on when those devices designed to make our lives easier are actually making them harder. He might be a good source of recommendations for video games for the grandkids for the holidays as well.

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