Sharon Towers Is Now The Sharon at SouthPark

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Blog, Lifestyle

Sharon Towers is now The Sharon at SouthPark

A process that began in 2017 with a long-term development plan for its 28-acre campus culminated in the announcement on October 2, 2023, that Sharon Towers has rebranded as The Sharon at SouthPark.

History Informs Our Future

Founded in 1969 as The Presbyterian Home at Charlotte, Sharon Towers has spent over 50 years as Charlotte’s premier name in senior living. Over time, however, the brand has proved to be much more than “towers” expanding into cottages, villas and ultimately The Deerwood apartments which opened in late 2022. The community is now home to 375 independent living, assisted living and health care residents.

It was more than changes in accommodations that spurred the brand transition. Over the last 54 years, SouthPark has grown into a thriving, bustling enclave of picturesque neighborhoods, shopping, dining and culture. During that time, Sharon Towers was mostly secluded from the surrounding community. However, the changes in the campus and the desire to form deeper ties with the SouthPark community necessitated a name that reflected the growth and change.

“We have made a conscious effort to focus on a culture of vitality and well-being and become a part of the fabric of the greater SouthPark community,” said Angela Rigsbee, president and CEO of The Sharon at SouthPark. “We are excited for this change as we keep faith with our past and transform it into The Sharon at SouthPark.”

A Fresh Approach

Phase I of the long-term development plan began with the construction of The Deerwood independent living apartments and Anne O. Moffat Parkas well as the expansion of amenities and health care. The construction and renovation significantly opened the campus up to SouthPark. While the caring and warmth at the core of Sharon Towers’ culture remained, it was clear that the legacy was evolving to include a fresh approach to senior living.

The new brand is more than just a name change. The logo is a bold and stylish statement. In fact, the entire visual representation of the new brand, from letterhead to ads to digital presence, uses vibrant colors and elegant touches to achieve a clean, modern feel. In total, the new brand signals a departure from the typical senior living look. However, the brand retains the traditional Southern charm that has embodied this place and its people for over 54 years.

Look for the Changes

Look for signs of the new brand on the campus, in the community and in market advertising in the coming months. However, you can see perhaps the best manifestation of the new look and feel in The Sharon at SouthPark’s new website. We invite you to take a full tour now to see the new brand in action.

We are excited to share everything about The Sharon at SouthPark with our residents, their families, our staff and the community.

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