The Sharon at SouthPark’ Brandon Knowles Honored

by | Oct 21, 2022 | Blog, Recognition

Elizabeth Byrd, Brandon Knowles and Paige Lowe

Let’s hear it for every member of the The Sharon at SouthPark team who helps bring TLC to the community. An extra-special “Way to go!” to registered nurse Brandon Knowles, whose dedication has earned him well-deserved recognition.

Outstanding Achievement

Brandon was honored by the Centralina Area Agency on Aging for “outstanding achievement as a Mecklenburg County nursing home employee.” The award comes with a certificate, $100 gift card and a surprise reveal in front of his colleagues. “I was blindsided by it,” Brandon says, noting that his wife Vanessa (not the best secret-keeper) kept the news from him for a month.

Anyone who works in one of Mecklenburg County’s 85 long-term care facilities – therapists, nurses, nursing assistants, housekeepers and food services staff among them – is eligible for the honor. Brandon and four others from around the county were chosen. It is a fitting way to mark Residents’ Rights Month in October and those who bring comfort and tranquility to residents’ lives. The award is it in its third year, inspired by the pandemic and need to affirm those who go above the call of duty.

Director of Nursing Paige Lowe says there isn’t a more deserving honoree than Brandon. “He brings compassion to the table.”

Brandon’s Journey

Brandon, 29, has been at The Sharon at SouthPark for two years, primarily on the skilled rehab hall. Delivering medications, putting in IVs, drawing blood, helping a resident out of bed and updating loved ones is all a part of his job. But in his mind and heart so is building relationships with residents, making them laugh, helping them see the light each day.

It’s as much a calling as a job, he says, “Just seeing them smile for something you did for them that day.”

Brandon has given a name to this atmosphere of warmth that allows staff and residents to encourage one another, and that makes for a happy home for everyone.

The The Sharon at SouthPark Way.

Congratulations to Brandon on his well-deserved recognition.

Picutred above (L to R): VP of Health Services Elizabeth Byrd, LNHA, LRT/CTRS, Brandon Knowles, Director of Nursing Paige Lowe, RN, CDP.

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