Celebrating Excellence: The Sharon at SouthPark Staff Earn Three LeadingAge North Carolina 2024 Awards

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LeadingAge North Carolina 2024 Awards

At The Sharon at SouthPark, we believe in fostering a community where leadership, service and dedication shine brightly. Recently, our commitment shone at a conference, where three of our outstanding team members received LeadingAge North Carolina 2024 Awards. We are proud to share the accomplishments of Milton McGowian, Jessica Bourque and Travis Hemphill. Their dedication explicitly reflects our community’s high standards.

LeadingAge North Carolina 2024 Awards for Excellence in Leadership: Milton McGowian and Jessica Bourque

Milton McGowian and Jessica Bourque both received LeadingAge North Carolina 2024 awards for Excellence in Leadership. This award recognizes employees with exceptional leadership, commitment to professional growth and ability to inspire and motivate their team members.

Milton McGowian: A Beacon of Inspirational Leadership

As Chief Operating Officer, Milton McGowian is an integral part of The Sharon at SouthPark, embodying the very essence of leadership. For example, his journey with us is marked by:

  • Exceptional Leadership: Milton’s ability to facilitate and encourage his team has significantly expanded the benefits we deliver to our residents. His leadership style is impactful, effective and consistently motivational.
  • Professional Development: Milton is deeply committed both to his personal and professional growth, continuously preparing for future leadership opportunities within the field of aging services.
  • Building Relationships: Known for his capacity to form harmonious and influential relationships, Milton is a mentor who generously shares his knowledge and experience to inspire others.
  • Quality Improvement: His contributions have markedly improved the quality of life within our community, making him a role model of service and dedication.

Jessica Bourque: Leading with Heart and Vision

Jessica Bourque’s leadership as Director of Vitality and Well-Being has been transformative for The Sharon at SouthPark. Her award reflects, for instance:

  • Dedication to Growth: Jessica’s commitment to professional development is evident in her readiness to take on new challenges and lead her team toward achieving higher standards.
  • Influential Mentorship: Jessica is celebrated for her willingness to mentor her peers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and motivation.
  • Exceptional Service: Her dedication to enhancing the quality of life for our residents through innovative leadership and compassionate care is altogether unparalleled.
  • Going Above and Beyond: Jessica consistently exceeds the expectations of her role, embodying the spirit of service and care that is central to our community values.

“I was so proud to be a part of The Sharon team at this year’s LeadingAge North Carolinas Annual Conference,” Jessica said. “Three people from our team took home an award, five people from our team presented at an educational session, one team member graduated from the Leadership Academy, while another began their journey with the Academy. Plus, our CEO was nominated to their Foundation Board. It was an amazing week for The Sharon at SouthPark!”

LeadingAge North Carolina’s Service Excellence Award: Travis Hemphill

Travis Hemphill received LeadingAge North Carolina’s 2024 Service Excellence award. This award celebrates those who provide extraordinary service and dedication in their roles. Not surprisingly, Travis exemplifies what it means to offer exceptional direct service to our residents.

In his position with Culinary Services, Travis’s work is defined by:

  • Consistent Excellence: Over time, Travis has demonstrated remarkable consistency in delivering services that significantly impact daily life for our residents.
  • Exceeding Expectations: His willingness to exceed established boundaries to deliver exceptional service has set him apart as an asset to our community.
  • Personal Commitment: Travis’ personal commitment to enriching the lives of others is evident in his daily interactions and the relationships he cultivates with residents.
  • Inspiring Teamwork: His ability to work effectively and supportively within his team while maintaining a high level of service excellence is truly inspiring.
  • Resident-Centered Care: Travis supports resident choice and autonomy, consistently advocating for resident-centered care.

More Leadership from The Sharon at SouthPark: Bradly Aschenbrenner

Besides the awards, another key staff member from The Sharon at SouthPark achieved a milestone at the conference. Bradly Aschenbrenner graduated from the 2024 Leading Age North Carolina Leadership Academy. Well done, Bradly!

A Community of Excellence

The achievements of Milton McGowian, Jessica Bourque, Travis Hemphill and Bradly Aschenbrenner are a testament to The Sharon at SouthPark. Their LeadingAge North Carolina 2024 awards and accomplishments not only highlight their individual contributions, but also underscore the collective effort of our entire community to provide outstanding care and service.

We are immensely proud of our team members and look forward to continuing our journey of excellence together. Congratulations to Milton, Jessica and Travis for their well-deserved recognition! And kudos to Bradly for his momentous accomplishment!

Join Us in Celebrating

We invite everyone in our community to join us in celebrating these remarkable achievements. So, if you see Milton, Jessica, Travis or Bradly on campus, give them a high five! Together, we will continue to uphold the highest standards of care, leadership and service. Moreover, we will ensure that The Sharon at SouthPark remains a place where excellence thrives.

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